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Fedora Core 6

Fedora Core 6
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Die Neuauflage des freien Betriebssystems, das vom amerikanischen Linux-Hersteller Red Hat unterstützt wird: Zahlreiche Verbesserungen, in Grafik, Virtualisierung, Geschwindigkeit und mehr. Das komplette Betriebssystem auf einer DVD vom Verlag Linux New Media.

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Fedora Core 6
Linux Magazine, 1 - DVD
DI11-195-EN 8.32 9.90 Euro
Red Hat started the Fedora Project in 2003 as a means of continuing
their support for no-cost Linux. Since then, the company has continued
to invest energy and resources into Fedora, using it as a test bed for
technologies that will one day make their way into the Red Hat Enterprise editions.

What’s Inside

Fedora Core 6 comes with Linux kernel 2.6.18 and X.org 7.1, as well as
the Gnome 2.16 and KDE 3.5.4 desktops. You’ll also find improved
support for AIGLX 3D desktop graphics, as well as new and improved
graphic themes, such a recent creation of the Fedora art project called
DNA. In addition to built-in AIGLX 3D graphic support, the latest
Fedora comes with new tools such as the Dogtail graphical test and
automation framework. You’ll also find the GnuCash 2.0 accounting
application, as well as support for several new languages. A new tool
called puplet provides notifi cation when system updates are available.

6 also includes a re-written version of the system-confi g-printer utility.


Performance is a major focus of Fedora Core 6. Improvements to glibc
provide faster dynamic linking. The Yum package manager and Nautilus
file manager are also tuned for efficiency. Many performance
improvements are passed to Fedora with the arrival of Gnome 2.16 and
KDE 3.5.4. Fedora Core 6 also provides enhancements for CUPS

printing, a faster ext3 filesystem, and improvements to the AFS and NFS


System Administration

The latest Fedora continues the recent work of improving and
expanding the Xen virtualization system. This version of Fedora
includes enhancements such as the virt-manager Xen graphical management

The SELinux security tool bundled with Fedora 6 offers improved
troubleshooting. Fedora Core 6 also provides better smart card support,
and the new version of Anaconda included on this DVD offers access to
additional software repositories.

Try It!

Fedora Core 6 offers an up-close glimpse into the evolving story of Red

Hat. The latest Fedora delivers advanced virtualization, new desktop

effects, and improved performance.

For more information on installing and using this DVD, see the box titled

“Additional Resources.” Other useful sources for technical assistance

include the Fedora Forum http:// www. fedoraforum. org/ and the Unofficial

Fedora FAQ http:// www. fedorafaq. org/.


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