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openBSD 5.4 Offizielles CD-Set incl. Stickern

openBSD 5.4 Offizielles CD-Set incl. Stickern
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OpenBSD 5.4 ist ein vollständiges BSD-basiertes Betriebssystem (BSD=Berkley Software Distribution, historisches Unix) und wird allgemein als sehr sicher eingeschätzt dank proaktiven Security-Features und integrierter Kryptographie. Dieses Paket enthält die offizielle, gepresste Version von Open-BSD 5.4 auf 3 CDs incl. Aufkleber für die Architekturen i386, AMD64 (64-Bit-PC), PowerPC (Mac) und Sparc64. Durch den Kauf dieses Paketes unterstützen Sie die Weiterentwicklung von Open BSD direkt, da der überwiegende Teil des Verkaufserlöses dem Projekt zugute kommt.

Produkte und Preise:
Produkt Artikelnummer Netto-Preis Brutto-Preis
openBSD 5.4 Offizielles CD-Set incl. Stickern
3 CD für 32- und 64-Bit PC, PowerPC, Sparc64
DI19-054-INT 33.61 40.00 Euro

What's New

This is a partial list of new features and systems included in OpenBSD 5.4.
For a comprehensive list, see the changelog leading
to 5.4.

  • New/extended platforms:

    • OpenBSD/octeon

      New platform for systems based on the Cavium Octeon MIPS-compatible
      processors. Supported machines include:

      • Portwell CAM-0100
      • Ubiquiti Networks EdgeRouter LITE (no local storage)

    • OpenBSD/beagle

      New platform for OMAP3/4 and AM335x systems using an ARM Cortex-A8 or
      Cortex-A9 CPU. Supported boards include:

      • BeagleBoard C4 / xM
      • BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black
      • PandaBoard and PandaBoard ES

  • Improved hardware support, including:

    • inteldrm(4)
      has been overhauled, including:

      • Now mostly in sync with Linux 3.8.13.
      • Support for Kernel Mode Setting (KMS) including support for additional output types such as DisplayPort.
      • Sandy Bridge and newer parts which previously had only ShadowFB acceleration
        now have full hardware acceleration including use of the 3D rings.
      • wsdisplay(4) now attaches to
        inteldrm(4) and providers a
        framebuffer console.

    • vgafb(4/macppc) now supports multiple virtual consoles.
    • Support for Elantech touchpads version 4 (clickpad) added to pms(4).
    • Fixed st(4) EOM handling, enabling much better Bacula support.
    • Support for vdsk(4) disks larger than 2TB.

  • Generic network stack improvements:

    • Reworked checksum handling for network protocols.
    • divert(4) now recalculates the IP and protocol checksums of reinjected packets.
    • No longer attempt to delete the undeletable RNF_ROOT route.

  • Routing daemons and other userland network improvements:

    • Support SSL inspection in relayd(8).
    • Added slowcgi(8), a libevent-based FastCGI implementation.
    • Enabled ECDHE support in httpd(8).
    • Do not start inetd(8) by default any more.
    • Many ldpd(8) improvements, including a speed-up of the session establishment process, support for adjacencies and targeted hellos, support for multiple addresses per interface, and more.

  • dhcpd(8) improvements:

    • Improved compliance with RFC 2131 strictures on client-identifiers.
    • Fixed synchronization of leases.
    • Replaced manual date parsing and printing with strftime and strptime.
    • Explicitly label dates in leases files as being UTC dates.

  • dhclient(8) improvements:

    • Delete routes added by defunct dhclient processes.
    • Improved handling of client-identifier option.
    • Increased ip_ttl on packets to 128, allowing more distant servers to provide leases.
    • Replaced manual date parsing and printing with strftime and strptime.
    • Explicitly label dates in leases files as being UTC dates.
    • Improved interactions between dhclient processes to make the most recent dhclient started the most likely to persist.
    • Support for static routes and classless static routes options.
    • Fixed log messages to print correct addresses.
    • Reduced log verbosity by emitting debug messages only when debugging.
    • Eliminated unnecessary address and route churn during lease renewal by not binding leases identical to the current one.

  • OpenSMTPD 5.3.3:

    • New features:

      • Add support for LMTP local deliveries
      • Add SECURE and AUTH transmission types
      • Add support for transparent queue compression
      • helo names can now be looked up in a db(3) table
      • New "error:" alias kind allows aliasing a user-part to an error
      • Traces can be (de)activated at runtime

    • Improvements:

      • More robust queue can cope with runtime errors
      • Improved routing strategies
      • Assorted minor bug fixes and cleanups

  • Performance improvements:

    • Don't require the kernel lock when processing audio interrupts.
    • Improved kernel bcopy/memmove/memcpy implementations and made more careful choices between them.
    • Implemented symbol caching and RELCOUNT/RELACOUNT optimizations in ld.so(1).

  • Threading improvements:

    • Closed various race conditions between exit/fork/execve/__tfork/__threxit/ptrace in both the kernel and libpthread.

  • Assorted improvements:

  • OpenSSH 6.3:

    • New features:

      • sshd(8):
        support to
        allows encrypted hostkeys, or hostkeys on smartcards.
      • ssh(1)
        allow optional time-based rekeying via a second argument to the
        existing RekeyLimit option. RekeyLimit is now
        supported in
        as well as on the client.
      • sshd(8):
        standardise logging of information during user authentication.
      • ssh(1):
        add the ability to query supported ciphers, MAC algorithms, key types
        and key exchange methods.
      • ssh(1):
        support ProxyCommand=- to allow support cases where stdin and
        stdout already point to the proxy.
      • ssh(1):
        allow IdentityFile=none.
      • ssh(1)
        add -E option to
        to append debugging logs to a specified file instead of stderr or
      • sftp(1):
        add support for resuming partial downloads using the reget
        command and on the
        commandline or on the get commandline using the -a
        (append) option.
      • ssh(1):
        add an IgnoreUnknown configuration option to selectively
        suppress errors arising from unknown configuration directives.
      • sshd(8):
        add support for submethods to be appended to required authentication
        methods listed via AuthenticationMethods.

    • The following significant bugs have been fixed in this release:

      • sshd(8):
        fix refusal to accept certificate if a key of a different type to the
        CA key appeared in authorized_keys before the CA key.
      • ssh(1),
        Use a monotonic time source for timers so that things like keepalives
        and rekeying will work properly over clock steps.
      • sftp(1):
        update progressmeter when data is acknowledged, not when it's sent.
      • ssh(1)
        improve error messages when the current user does not exist in
        /etc/passwd. (bz#2125)
      • ssh(1):
        reset the order in which public keys are tried after partial
        authentication success.
      • ssh-agent(1):
        clean up socket files after SIGINT when in debug mode. (bz#2120)
      • ssh(1)
        and others: avoid confusing error messages in the case of broken system
        resolver configurations. (bz#2122)
      • ssh(1):
        set TCP nodelay for connections started with -N. (bz#2124)
      • ssh(1):
        correct manual for permission requirements on ~/.ssh/config.
      • ssh(1):
        fix ControlPersist timeout not triggering in cases where TCP
        connections have hung. (bz#1917)
      • ssh(1):
        properly detach a ControlPersist master from its controlling
      • sftp(1):
        avoid crashes in libedit when it has been compiled with multi-byte
        character support. (bz#1990)
      • sshd(8):
        when running sshd -D, close stderr unless we have explicitly
        requested logging to stderr. (bz#1976)
      • ssh(1):
        fix incomplete bzero. (bz#2100)
      • sshd(8):
        log and error and exit if ChrootDirectory is specified and
        running without root privileges.
      • Many improvements to the regression test suite. In particular log
        files are now saved from
        after failures.
      • Fix a number of memory leaks. (bz#1967, bz#2096 and others)
      • sshd(8):
        fix public key authentication when a :style is appended to the
        requested username.
      • ssh(1):
        do not fatally exit when attempting to cleanup multiplexing-created
        channels that are incompletely opened. (bz#2079)

  • Over 7,800 ports, major stability improvements in
    the package build process

    • The parallel ports builder is better at catching up errors on older
      slower platforms, thus allowing release engineers to better concentrate on
      real errors.

  • Many pre-built packages for each architecture:

    • i386: 7976
    • sparc64: 6959
    • alpha: 6062
    • m68k: 3862

    • sh: 989
    • amd64: 7941
    • powerpc: 7483
    • m88k: 3951

    • sparc: 4823
    • arm: 5582
    • hppa: 6607

    • vax: 2226
    • mips64: 6739
    • mips64el: 6306

  • Some highlights:

    • GNOME 3.8.3
    • KDE 3.5.10
    • Xfce 4.10
    • MySQL 5.1.70
    • PostgreSQL 9.2.4
    • Postfix 2.10.1
    • OpenLDAP 2.3.43 and 2.4.35
    • Mozilla Firefox 3.6.28 and 22.0
    • Mozilla Thunderbird 17.0.7
    • GHC 7.6.3
    • LibreOffice
    • Emacs 21.4 and 24.3
    • Vim 7.3.850
    • PHP 5.2.17 and 5.3.27
    • Python 2.7.5 and 3.3.2
    • Ruby, and
    • Tcl/Tk 8.4.20, 8.5.14 and 8.6.0
    • JDK and
    • Mono 2.10.9
    • Chromium 28.0.1500.45
    • Groff 1.22.2
    • Go 1.1.1
    • GCC 4.6.4 and 4.8.1
    • LLVM/Clang 3.3
    • Node.js 0.10.12

  • As usual, steady improvements in manual pages and other documentation.

  • The system includes the following major components from outside suppliers:

    • Xenocara (based on X.Org 7.7 with xserver 1.14.1 + patches,
      freetype 2.4.12, fontconfig 2.10.91, Mesa 7.11.2, xterm 293,
      xkeyboard-config 2.7 and more)
    • Gcc 4.2.1 (+patches), 3.3.6 (+ patches) and 2.95.3 (+ patches)
    • Perl 5.16.3 (+ patches)
    • Our improved and secured version of Apache 1.3, with
      SSL/TLS and DSO support
    • Nginx 1.4.1 (+ patches)
    • OpenSSL 1.0.1c (+ patches)
    • SQLite 3.7.17 (+ patches)
    • Sendmail 8.14.7, with libmilter
    • Bind 9.4.2-P2 (+ patches)
    • NSD 3.2.15
    • Lynx 2.8.7rel.2 with HTTPS and IPv6 support (+ patches)
    • Sudo 1.7.2p8
    • Ncurses 5.7
    • Heimdal 1.5.2 (+ patches)
    • Binutils 2.15 (+ patches)
    • Gdb 6.3 (+ patches)
    • Less 444 (+ patches)
    • Awk Aug 10, 2011 version


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